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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of constructing the dam?

The total cost of the project is estimated to be US$622 million. The Government of Ghana is providing US$60 million whiles the Eximbank of China is providing a loan of US$562 million. (The US$562 million is made up of a Concessionary Loan of US$268.5 million and a Buyer’s Credit Loan of US$293.5 million)


Who is the Contractor?

Sinohydro Corporation of China


Who is the Consultant?

Coyne Et Bellier (Consulting Engineers)


What will be the maximum generation capacity of the Bui Dam?

About 400MW (about one-third of VRA’s production) and a net average annual energy production of 1000 gigawatt hour/year (GWh/yr)


How many Ghanaian artisans / labourers are currently employed on site?

About 600


How many Contractors’ Expatriate staff are employed on the site?

220 Chinese

60 Pakistanis (Mainly Machine Operators)


On which river is the Dam been constructed?

Black Volta River


Where is the Project located?

On the border of the Bole (Northern Region) and Tain (Brong-Ahafo Region) districts in North-Western Ghana


What are the closest major towns to the Project?

Bamboi (31.5km)

Wenchi (86km)


When is the Bui Dam expected to be completed?



What is the crest elevation of the dam?

185 masl (metres above sea level)


What is the full supply level (F.S.L) of the dam?

183 masl


How high will the dam be?

108 meters


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